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Thursday, October 13, 2005

blog wars

ok, you all know what this is about. war has broken out. on one side is a ponytailed egomaniac and his cronies. on the other side are the bloggers of the world. please see desipundit for updates.

so i have decided that i need to add my two cents to this. why should i bother, someone asked me? i mean, its not like your blog is particularly popular. and none of whats happening really concerns you. so dont bother. post some stories instead.

but i clearly havent taken her advice. i had to put this post up. why? because this isssue is bigger than me. its bigger than each and every one of the bloggers out there. and its bigger than mr. management guru, though he doesnt realise it. this is an issue of democracy and free speech. this is about defending our basic human rights, and in the case of india, our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

weve seen it happen before. an artist paints something that offends some group and they threaten him with bodily harm, and the painting is withdrawn. a movie hall is ransacked by people who dont agree with the topic. talk show hosts fawn over powerful politicians for fear of saying something that will offend them. in india, everyone is afraid of speaking his mind. we are always looking over our shoulders in case someone decides to send a gang of thugs after us. we have no support from the police, elected officials, or even the press. the freest press in the world chooses to publish mindless crap and shies away from taking stands on any issue. basically in india, we were not even close to being free.

but then came the internet, and with it the online forum and the blog. a space of your own, that is outside national boundaries. that is completely free from interference by government and non-government goondas. that is what my blog is. its where i express my opinions on issues and speak my mind. it cant be burnt or broken, and no one can stop me from saying what i please.

thats what we all though. thats what rashmi, gaurav and varna thought. now someone has shown that he can take their freedom of expression away. he tried through underhand tactics to cow them through threats, insults and finally some overtly unethical armtwisting. he even caused gaurav to quit.

but he has not won this. in fact, he has no chance of winning this one. for the first time, indian bloggers and some of bloggers from other countries, are united as never before. we may be small, but we have shown that we have the power to really shake things up. really, mr arindam chaudhuri had no idea who he was up against. he is going down and he is going down hard.

the same friend also asked what we could possibly do to him. we can write and write till were blue in the face and it wont affect him a bit.

but thatss not true. the more we write, the more we are heard. the next tiem some student is wondering where to apply, he will think twice about submitting his application to iipm. the lies that they spread are now exposed. no one will believe their full-page ads. we can flood the blogsphere with real information, so that his lies can be drowned out. and that is hitting him where it hurts. when the number of applications to iipm drops drastically, because that is bound to happen.

someone said we should be concerned with the students. well, not really. mr ponytail will just form a new company and hire more people to keep his 100% placement record intact. but as the quality of students entering his institute plummets, he will realise that he cant keep this up.

so i wrote thiss post. because i believe this is important. i also think its a turning point. the bonds between mainstream media and the blogsphere have been strengthened, and non-techies are hearing the word "blog" for the first time. this will give a fillip to blogdom like never before. this is truly an historic event.

and i also wrote it because i want to be able to say that when the great blog war happened, i was on the right side. and that we won.

i also appeal to all my blogger friends to show your solidarity. no need for a post. just say youre here, and that you want to be counted. i know that many of you prefer not to post about political issues, but this is something that attacks your very right to exist. if you dont speak up now, you may never again be heard.

mr chaudhuri has truly counted his chicken too early.

ps - please go to the fake blogs and flag them. the button is on the top right of each blog.


  • At 5:44 AM, Blogger sprintfire said…

    Your writing is very interesting. Unfortunatly, the United States is getting the same way since Mr. Bush has been president. You can't say anything without be criticized or branded as a negative person for what you have said or done. Seems to be the way of the world today. As we say in America, the rich get richer and gain more power

  • At 11:00 AM, Blogger satchisgod said…

    Gosh, too heavy, you blog become has.
    Shubho Bijoya yaar!

  • At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Sanity Starved said…

    Yes, on a different note,

    Shubho Bijoya! :D

  • At 1:04 AM, Blogger thalassa_mikra said…

    Hi Vish,
    Shubho Bijoya! The IIPM issue becomes more interesting by the day!

  • At 4:40 AM, Blogger Gamesmaster G9 said…

    I've started a blog that is collecting all the 55 word stories. Can I use yours?

  • At 12:47 PM, Blogger Vishnupriya said…

    biplab, we cant be silly all the time, no?

    swati, im following it. seriously interesting.

    ani, sure, go ahead.

  • At 8:01 AM, Blogger the still dancer said…

    errr..vish, what dirty comments were you talking about? as in you said something about me having weird enemies?

  • At 8:01 AM, Blogger the still dancer said…

    and ohh, shubho bijoya

  • At 2:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Check the link out. You guys are getting a raw deal globally. Anyway, copying the details of the link. Best wishes... (I guess whatever media people are there, we should give multiple copies of even this comment as media should know we stand for free speech and are not afraid of hackneyed criticism)

    October 18th, 2005 at 12:18 pm

    Even though IIPM surely needs to learn from the mishandling of the situation, the protest march idea of these bloggers is hilarious! It would be interesting to ask these self-proclaimed protectors of “freedom of speech and expression” how many times have they organized such protest marches for removing poverty in India, for ensuring that people don’t die because of hunger, for committing to removing illiteracy in even their own city!

    It would be interesting to know the answer because under the pretext of marking out freedom of speech, all these bloggers are doing is trying to come in the media for a cause which is unbelievably unlettered.

    Accepted, there are management institutes and management institutes. But really, so are car manufacturers. I am sure that the next issue this group of bloggers would find would be to have a protest march to protest the lack of aesthetic competence in designers of Aston Martin.

    This peace march displays the illiteracy prevalent even in literate masses. The right to organize such a peace march should be exercised only after each member of the peace march has sworn that he/she has spent at least one day in their lifetime doing social work. Because the irony of such incompetence is that not one person will have the commitment to stand up to this claim.

    Tsk, tsk… But of course yes. Bloggers can claim whatever they wish to, can’t they! And I am sure that the moment this comment is published, there would be a thousand so-called protest marchers who will claim that IIPM should first learn to do social service. Or better, yours truly should learn to do social service. What the heck! Go have the protest march. What better a way than this to shore up the free time of a group of un-intellectual unemployed illiterates.

    Say what, just give me the time and venue. I’ll be there too buddies; because you know what, I am unemployed, and being a graduate, even I am as good as an illiterate. And the fact that I have devoted so much space to protest a protest march, shows how un-intellectual even I am.

    So buddies, can I join the club?


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