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Monday, March 20, 2006

its a small world

so A and i were talking the other day, and i mentioned my old friend B, and how i recently got back in touch with him. he's moving to houston, and was had asked me to come visit him once he set up his place, and then all of a sudden A asks, "is this B who studied at so-and-so college?" so, it turned out it was the same person. that is not surprising. what is is that A has never been to india and his only knowledge of india is through scattered relatives. turned out that one of his friends met B while B was doing a summer project in spain. A met B at heathrow airport of all places, and they exchanged messenger ids and that was that.

but that wasnt the end of it. i probed a little more and i found that A knows a whole bunch of B's friend, or at least has heard of them, and i know many of them too. and i was thinking how is it that in a country so huge, you still can always find people who know people who you know. but then i realized that all the indians here are from a handful of cities and maybe 20 colleges. in fact, theres only some 40 or 50 schools from which they come from. its really scary to know how incredibly small "our kind" of indians are relative to the country as a whole. and its true, no matter what group we talk of, no matter how many we are, we are just a miniscule proportion of the whole country.

and this reminded me of why i dont like stargazing. just a little bit and i realize how tiny the earth is in the universe, and how tiny i am on earth. the idea that my living or not couldnt make any difference to anyone at all makes me quite depressed.

this wasnt much of a post, but i just felt like saying something. blah!


  • At 10:32 AM, Blogger the still dancer said…

    but it does make a difference to you, does it not? sort of?
    then again, if you really want to feel depressed, go read beckett.
    Especially "A Piece of Monologue"
    Highly recommended for inducing suicidal thoughts.

  • At 5:54 PM, Blogger Born a Libran said…

    The world is getting to be a much smaller place... Way back in the 50's or 60's, there was a study which proved that there are an average of 6 links connecting any 2 given people in the state, where link connects 2 people who know each other. This is the origin of the popular saying/book/movie "6 degrees of separation". I suspect that if the study were performed again in this day and age, it would be something like 4-5 : thanks to aeroplanes, emails, chatrooms, etc. So I see why one would meet someone who knew someone else rather easily. Its not a surprise. What is really surprising is we have such few experiences...

  • At 8:27 AM, Blogger zap mama said…

    Hmmmm....I always plan on putting down specific things on my blog; seems by the time I have sat myself down, I write quite different stuff.......so much for raving.


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