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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


whats been happening in my life. a lot actually. i had a birthday, i changed visa status, i moved and i put blogging on hold. now i have a new job, new house, new life, new motivation, new hours and new computer. still living in the same city with the same friends and the same habits and hobbies. the blog is the same, but the subtitle is different. the tone is the same but posts will be more regular.

the more things change, you know the rest.


  • At 5:46 PM, Blogger Mint Chutney said…

    I've wondered what happened. Glad that it's all good news!

  • At 7:59 PM, Blogger satchisgod said…

    ...lol, and your blog's still all pink:)
    Yeah, as much as I love Calcutta, I must admit, the city never fails to dissapoint me from time to time:(

  • At 3:26 AM, Blogger KM said…

    welcome back!

  • At 9:34 PM, Blogger Sanity Starved said…

    Nice. Very nice :-)

  • At 5:00 PM, Blogger thalassa_mikra said…

    Coincidentally, I had to deal with a few changes in the last few weeks as well (mostly a new apartment and very poor connection) so blogging would be very sporadic for a while. Congratulations on the developments in your life.


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