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Friday, June 16, 2006

let them freeze

so i saw a video of that song in fanaa. the one thats been shot in poland, even though it looked just like a set to me. anyway, so like many other people, the thing that i noticed in the song wasn't the music or the location or anything like that. it was the fact that kajol was wearing this really sheer outfit in the freezing cold, while aamir was covered from head to toe in a thick woolen outfit.

this is not the first time they did something like this. in pukaar, they got madhuri to walk around in antarctica in a chiffon sari!! and then, they even cut the song out of the movie. all this while anil kapoor was bundled up in thick jackets. if i remember, madhuri was really pissed off about this.

now i know how incredibly uncomfortable it gets in these climates. to spend hours shooting a song in just a chiffon sari must be blue murder. i've never been to antarctica, but its probably ten times worse. and i would be mad to step out in winter without adequate protection.

so why this unfairness? since my mind is always digging up conspiracy theories, it seemed to me that this is some kind of complicated ploy by the men. convince the women that its more important for us to look good, which means baring enough skin, than protect ourselves from frostbite. thats not the case with men, who can be bundled up in five layers and still be hot (pun intended).

if you think about it, this is part of a deeper problem. for women, fashionability and comfort are often at loggerheads. this is NEVER a problem for men. they can wear flat shoes and be warm and toasty under layers of clothing, and never worry about the fact that they're not looking good. they dont need to worry about straps peeking out, or tops slipping. they just button everything in place and are fine for the rest of the day.

doesn't any one else think that this is all a HUGE conspiracy? they keep telling us that we need to be uncomfortable to look good. and when you're uncomfortable, you can't think straight. how are you going to be CEO of your company if the only thing you can think about is how much your feet hurt? its like we've been brainwashed into making ourselves weaker, just so that they can run the world in their smart shirts and trousers.

oh, and you know what else i discovered? men actually have a HIGHER body temperature. so they should need to wear even LESS clothes than women on cold days, not MORE. i demand that any song shot in the snow must involve a bare-chested hero. (unless its anil kapoor).

Thursday, June 01, 2006


by now i guess everyone knows about the return of the hawk, who knows everything about female psychology, and is oh-so-witty; and his world-cup of fembloggers (please see it here, if you haven;t). if you remember the hawk, he used to have this blog which is now dead, where he told us how terrible we were because we were smart and interesting, and not at all like how-women-should-be in hawkworld. back then he was funny in a pathetic kind of way. now he's just funny. i am so impressed by his new avatar, that i've reorganised my sidebar as a tribute to the competition. in fact, i want to thank him for introducing me to so many really great blogs.

aha, i think i see the man's devious ploy. he links to a whole bunch of us. then the word spreads, so we each go and take a look. while we are there, we visit all other blogs mentioned because of shared infamy, and then we like them so much that we keep visiting and that completely ruins our productivity at work. so this is like his long-term devious plan for removing women from the workplace and sending them where they belong, the hawkkitchen.

but whatever his motives are, i love the world cup format. so i propose we organise a similar competition, but this time among the men. so i present (ta-da):-

Team 1

Attention Whore - The Hawk
Spewer of Venom - Kill Them
Misogynist - Pesky but Honest

ok, so this is only 3 members till now, but i'm sure we can come up with more. i'm open to suggestions from people, and then we can make the rules of the competition. cool?