Poison Pen

don't worry, she doesn't bite anymore.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

image consciousness

ok my last post has caused a minor stir. some of my friends are appaled that i would write such 'racy' stuff. one of them (you know who you are) unkindly said that im trying to be a bimbo and getting rid of any intellectual pretensions that i may have had.

ok so no more raunchy posts for a while. at least until i get my spotless reputation back. then i can go about destroying it again.

whats new in my life is that i am beginning to get exasparated at all the redsox fans who cant stop crowing about the world series. ok i got it. you guys won. im happy for you. i even bought a pennant. now will you stop it.

just to make my point i will now cheer for the chicago cubs. theyre the only team that are even bigger losers than the redsox. so there.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

super slutty me !!!

ok. im back after a week of debauchery. i have completely ruined my reputation among my friends. it was fun tho :)

did something uncharacteristically wild on new years eve. went to rain for their nye bash with the usual gang. really beginning to enjoy myself esp after 3 cocktails. then we started draggin these guys to the dance floor. so far it was going well. then im not sure what happened but i started making out with this guy. i have no idea why. i dont think i really wanted to but i just got into the moment then. this was really not something i do. i mean i dont even know his name!!! i stopped when rohini pulled me away. she was soooo shcoked! i dont think shell ever talk to me again. hee hee hee.

i really hope none of my classmates saw my activities. especially f who is such a creep anyway. the guy himself was pretty nice. i mean he didnt try to grope me or anything even though i was all over him. oh god im beginning to sound like such a slut.

well i shouldnt be so sorry. it was fun in a way. though i dont think ill try it again. i know that rohini will dtop aassociating with me if i try anything like it. julia was pretty cool but i think even she was surprised.

ok that was the confession for the day. now i feel better.