Poison Pen

don't worry, she doesn't bite anymore.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

do i complain too much

somebody in orkut saw my blog and thinks i whine a bit too much. i think hes right really.

so from now on no more complaining. i shall recount the good things that happened to me this week.

i went and saw a movie that i loved. swades. it managed to be moving and not preachy. and shah rukh was soooo much better than usual.

other good stuff. bought myself dvds of sex and the city. like all women in this city i spend waaaay too much time wondering which of the women i resemble most. people say charlotte but im going with miranda.

oh and i had a fun party at rohinis place. that girl can make an amazing goulash. which is weird bcos she cant spell it. ooooh. that was uncalled for.

so all in all my life is going GREAT.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


that is the missing ingredient. today shall see a new responsible me step out into the big bad world. what do i mean by that. lets see.

for starters i will actually read my bank statements. pinpoint expenses that canbe curtailed and those that are absolutely necessary. aside: is a cell phone a necessity or an unnecessary expense.

secondly i will not get carried away by friends who have all the time in the world. i have work to do and will learn to say NO.

thirdly i will develop a serious countenance. all queries will be answered with a deep "hmmm". this will make people take me seriously.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

bad news first

heard that eX is coming to boston. am shattered. fantastic job with bcg. could it get any worse...

he even wrote me an e-mail after 2 years of silence. well he was quite nice really. didnt gloat or anything. but he can afford to be smug. now he is mr bigshot mba and im the stupid bitch who dumped him. well not dumped exactly but whatever. if any of my friends points out to me how cool hes become i will personally throttle them.


why do i do this to myself. i should be wishing him well. i mean i did like him once. a lot. a great deal. way too much for my own good. oh never mind.

now he gets to be the bigger person. he has a real job. im as clueless as ever. and im SINGLE. i dont think hell ever let me live that down.

what the hell.

i dont need a guy. im FINE. so what if im single. IM LOVING IT... make big smile like ronald.

i wish i believed the crap i write.

i hate winters.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Hello world